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Q: What are lash extensions? How do they work?

A: Lash extensions are individual synthetic enhancements that are adhered to your natural lashes with a semi-permanent adhesive. I isolate each natural lash, and apply either a single extension (classic application) or several ultra-thin extensions that I fan by hand (volume application). The process takes an average of two hours for a full set, and 1.5 hours for a fill.

Q: How long do they last?

A: That really depends on you! There are a variety of factors that can affect retention, and I will send you home with detailed aftercare instructions to help you to maximize the life of your extensions. But the vast majority of my clients return every 3 weeks for a fill. At the 3 week mark, most clients will have at least half of their extensions left. If you choose to not have your extensions filled, they will gradually shed as your natural lashes shed, and you can expect the last few to fall at the 6-8 week mark.

Q: Do lash extensions hurt? Can they damage my natural lashes?

A: Lash extensions should NEVER hurt. If they are pulling, pinching, hard to brush through, twisting or otherwise uncomfortable, they have been applied incorrectly. If applied by a skilled Lash Artist, you won’t even feel them. The same goes for damage to your natural lash line. A skilled, professional Lash Artist will NEVER apply extensions that are too long or too heavy, as this can lead to something called “Traction Alopecia” (lash loss due to repeated premature shedding – caused when the natural lash cannot support the weight of the extension) which in severe cases can be permanent. That is why it is so imperative to do your research and choose a skilled technician. I take pride in maintaining the health of your natural lashes, and am happy to say I have clients that have been wearing extensions for over three years with no damage.

Too many times I’ve heard people say things like “Oh, I had lash extensions once and they were so uncomfortable” or “My friend got her lashes done and when they fell out she had no lashes left!” Listen, if you went to a hairdresser and she did a terrible job, would you swear off hair cuts forever? Of course not; you would simply look for a better hairstylist 😉

Q: What is the difference between “Classic” “Hybrid” and “Volume”? Why is volume more expensive?

A: Classic extensions are applied one to one. I isolate one natural lash and apply one extension using a very small amount of adhesive. This process is repeated until every viable lash has an extension. With volume, I isolate one natural lash, and then apply several ultra-thin extensions in a fan. This results in a lighter, fluffier, fuller lash line. Hybrid is a mix of Classic and Volume. Volume is a technique that requires months, if not years of practice to perfect, as it takes a great amount of skill to create the fans by hand. The additional skill required as well as the additional product used results in the slightly higher price point. I NEVER use pre-made fans as these have far too much adhesive at the base and can cause premature shedding and reduced retention.

Q: Why do I need to get my lashes filled?

A: An average person has an average of 120 or so lashes on each upper lid. My goal is to lash every viable lash. But we naturally shed 2-5 lashes from each eye per day. We generally don’t notice the shedding when we don’t have extensions on as our lashes are quite thin. So let’s say we shed 4 lashes a day; that’s 28 a week, 56 in two weeks and 84 in three weeks. Luckily, as one lash sheds, another lash grows in it’s place, so every 3 weeks or so you can come back and I’ll fill in the new lashes with extensions. This is also why I charge slightly more for fills in weekly increments. The longer you go between fills, the more lashes we’ll need to replace.

Q: Can I wear mascara and other eye makeup with my extensions?

A: My philosophy is this: once you leave here with your extensions they are yours. Bought and paid for. That being said, you shouldn’t need mascara. Also, mascara and some eye makeup can drastically reduce your retention as the oils in these products as well as the application/removal of makeup can break down the adhesive. So, use makeup at your own risk and discretion. A couple tips: NO waterproof mascara, no oil based makeup, creams or removers, and please be sure to clean your lash line daily. Creamy and pencil eyeliners often contain quite a bit of oil, so alternatively you can use an angled brush and a dark eyeshadow as an eyeliner. And if you do use mascara, only apply to the tips of the lashes, not to the base as that is where the adhesive is. And never use mascara on volume lashes as it will glob up and close those beautiful fluffy fans.

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