What is Plasma Skin Tightening and how does it work?

Plasma Skin Tightening, or Fibroblast Skin Tightening, uses targeted electrical arcs (also known as plasma) to eliminate loose and excess skin. Results are immediate, with best results seen at approximately 4 weeks post procedure. Plasma Skin Tightening is often referred to as “soft surgery” as the results are comparable to cosmetic surgery. However, this method has many advantages over traditional surgery as it is minimally invasive with no cutting of the skin required. This means there is less risk involved, plus less downtime during the healing process. It is known for it’s success with non surgical upper eye lifts, under eye tightening, crow’s feet removal, face lifts, tummy tightening, neck lifts, stretch mark and scar removal, skin tag removal, age spot removal and so much more!

Since skin is actually removed, the results from Plasma Skin Tightening are considered as permanent as with traditional cosmetic surgery. It will not, however, prevent future aging. Lifestyle, age and genetics also all contribute to how long the results will last. The number of treatments required will vary according to the condition being treated, the desired degree of correction and the individual’s response to the treatment. Most clients see results instantly, and this continues to improve over the course of the following 2-4 weeks. Further treatments can be carried out to get better results, although it is uncommon to require more than two treatments. Appointments must be spaced out 6-8 weeks.

Are there any side effects?

Plasma Skin Tightening has been shown to be a safe treatment due to its non-invasive nature. Still the majority of clients are likely to experience some minor side effects in the 7-10 days following treatment.

There will be tiny brown carbon crusts that resemble minor scabbing, but in 5-7 days these will flake away, revealing the new pink skin underneath. Some swelling will usually occur (especially in cases of eyelid treatment), but this will subside after an average of 3-5 days. Swelling in the eye area is to be expected for a few days following an upper eyelid treatment. To avoid any more serious side effects such as hyperpigmentation, follow the aftercare recommendations given to you by your technician.


Clients should be in good health at the time of the appointment, with no preexisting health conditions. If the client displays signs of cold or flu the treatment should be rescheduled.
Clients skin should not be inflamed in the area we are treating prior to procedure.
Clients prone to keloid scars are not ideal candidates.
Clients with diabetes, healing disorders or lymphatic draining issues should not undergo treatment.
Clients with a sunburn/sun tan should postpone treatment.
Clients who have a history of Hyperpigmentation are not ideal candidates.
The area to be treated should not have undergone any previous medical treatment or cosmetic laser treatment. (not including botox)
Clients must not display any tanning at the time of the treatment.
Clients must not display Herpes Simplex Virus (Cold sores/Fever blisters). You will need to reschedule your appointment if you are experiencing an outbreak.  If you have experienced Herpes Simplex Virus in the past you must see your Medical Doctor and obtain a prescription for Valtrex and begin taking it 3 days before treatment and for 4 days following treatment. (This applies for treatments surrounding the lip area only)
Not for clients with pace makers.
Not for clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Clients with Eyelash extensions receiving upper or lower eyelid treatment must have lashes removed prior to treatment and reapplied after 8 weeks.
This treatment is only recommended on light-medium skin tones . Anyone with a darker complexion is at risk for Hyperpigmentation.

Day of treatment – what to expect:

Please arrive to your appointment with no makeup on or around the area to be treated. If you are having a procedure done in the eye area and you are wearing lash extensions, please have them removed a day or two prior to your appointment (I offer lash extension removal at no charge, and offer a discounted rate for reapplication 8 weeks after your skin tightening). It is recommended to take an anti-histamine 30 minutes prior to your appointment to help with swelling and continue to take anti-histamines for 2-3 days following your appointment.

We will apply a topical numbing agent to the area to be treated, and once it has fully numbed we will begin treatment with multiple connections of the plasma tip, spaced closely together. You may feel some heat in the treatment area, which may be uncomfortable and slightly irritating. Most clients would rate the pain of the procedure between zero and about a 2/10. Depending on the area being treated, treatment time is usually between 10-40 minutes. Immediately after the procedure, the area will be red and mildly swollen with small dots of carbon crust from the plasma tip. The area may have a tender sensation similar to a sunburn which may last a few hours.  Swelling may intensify over the following few hours (more common with the eye area as the skin is so thin) and may last 2-3 days. The carbon crusts will flake off over the next 3-7 days and any discoloration should resolve within 5 -12 days depending on the individual and area treated. Results are seen instantly after the treatment, although this gradually improves over the course of the following 6 weeks.

You will be provided with thorough aftercare instructions to ensure that you see the absolute best results from your procedure. You will be given a specially developed medical foundation to protect the scabbed area from the light, but it has the added bonus of coverage. In the week following treatment (or until the treatment area has fully healed) an exfoliating wash or cleanser should not be used. Instead opt for a pH balanced soap (dove), and avoid rubbing the area.

The majority of people are safe to drive following their Plasma Skin Tightening procedure, but if the treatment area is around the eye, it is advised to avoid driving, due to potential irritation or swelling.


The cost of Plasma Skin Tightening is considerably less than traditional cosmetic surgery. Pricing depends on the size and area being treated.

Upper Eyelids (also known as “non-surgical eye lift”. Includes crow’s feet as required): $499
Lower Eyelids: $299
Both Upper and Lower Lids: $699
Crow’s Feet: $299
“Mini Face Lift” (tightens skin by the ears and as a result also lifts along jawline): $399
Top Lip (target wrinkles in lip line knows as “smoker’s lines”): $299 *clients that have a history of cold sores require Rx for Valtrex. Please see above.
Nasolabial (Smile Lines): $299
Jowls: $399
Forehead Lines (“11s” included at no charge): $399
Vertical frown lines between eyebrows (11s”): $199
Neck Lift: $799
Belly Button Area: $499
Full Tummy (covers the area of two hands width): $899
​Stretch Marks start at: $299

Sunspots, Skin Tags, and Scars can also be treated.  Please contact for more information