Ever thought about joining this incredible industry?

Lash Artistry can be an extremely rewarding and lucrative career path. I have been doing lash extensions for nearly 5 years and have been sharing my knowledge, experience and passion through educating for over 2 years. I offer training in: classic, advanced lash styling, and volume and mega volume (combined). Each course goes into social media marketing and building clientele. My courses are 2 x internationally accredited, and you will be issued a recognized certificate upon completion. This is especially important when it comes to acquiring insurance, Alberta Health Services recognition, purchasing though approved suppliers, or seeking employment within a salon.

The cost for each of my courses is $950. There is no prerequisite for classic training, but you need to demonstrate strong ability in classic before you can move on to volume and mega volume or advanced styling. I require a $250 deposit to book your training, and then the remainder is due the day of the course. I use this deposit towards an extensive starter kit for you, therefore the deposit is non-refundable.

Each course is approximately 8 hours long (to be completed at my home studio or at you location upon approval), and then you will submit 5 case studies to me via email to track your progress and offer feedback. You will need to provide a model for the course, but I can also arrange for one if needed. Upon completion of the case studies, I will mail you your certificate. If you are curious why the requirement for case studies and ongoing feedback; I truly believe lash extensions cannot possibly be learned, much less certified, in a day or two. This is a brand new industry (less than 10 years old) to our country, and there are educators out there who are simply in the business of “selling” certificates. A certificate from Choice Beauty is earned and my students leave my classroom armed with the tools and knowledge that they need to succeed.  I also offer ongoing support and mentoring, both one-on-one and through my exclusive alumni Facebook group. I genuinely want all of my students to be wildly successful, so I am always here for feedback and any questions.

My courses are always one-on-one and by request so that you can have my full attention and support. Lash artistry is a very precise procedure, and I feel it is crucial to your success that you have my undivided attention.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, or if you’re ready to dive in we can choose a date and book your course!