Lash Extensions:

Classic: (1:1)                                                   Full Set: $175         Fill: $75

Hybrid: (mix of classic & volume)               Full Set: $200         Fill: $85

Volume: (3-5D per natural lash)                   Full Set: $225         Fill: $95

MegaVolume: (6-10+D per natural lash)    Full Set: $250          Fill: $105

Strip Lash Look: (dramatic, spiky, “Kim K” effect)      

                                               Add to any style: Full Set: $25          Fill: $10

Removal: No Charge     (my work)             $25 (outside work*)

*free if prior to new Full Set application

Microblading  (natural, manual hair strokes):

Initial appointment: $325

Touch Up:      Within 10 weeks: $75

Within 6 months: $125

Within 12 months: $195

Within 18 months: $225

Combination Brows (combo of microblading and machine shading):

Initial appointment: $365

Touch Up:      Within 10 weeks: $95

Within 6 months: $145

Within 12 months: $215

Within 18 months: $245

*Touch up prices apply to work initially done by me. Touch ups on another artist’s work will require a consultation and results may vary. Please contact for more information.

Facial Treatments: (please see “Facials” tab for more info on specific services)

Deep Pore Facial:  $85

High Frequency Facial: $105

Dermaplaning: $105

Additional Services:

Lash Lift (no tint): $50      Lash Tint (no lift): $50

Lash Lift and Tint (combined): $80

Brow tint and wax: $25

Brow, lip or chin wax: $12 each

Plasma Skin Tightening: 

Upper Eyelids (also known as “non-surgical eye lift”. Includes crow’s feet as required): $499 – requires lash extension removal (discounted re-application of lashes applies. Your eye health is important to us and we will make the process as easy as possible).
Lower Eyelids: $299
Both Upper and Lower Lids: $699
Crow’s Feet: $299

“Mini Face Lift” (tightens skin by the ears and as a result also lifts along jawline): $399
Top Lip (target wrinkles in lip line knows as “smoker’s lines”): $299

“Lip Flip” (tightening of the surrounding lip tissue, resulting in the appearance of fuller lips): $399
Nasolabial (Smile Lines): $299
Jowls: $399
Forehead Lines (“11s” included at no charge): $399
Vertical frown lines between eyebrows (11s”): $199
Neck Lift: $799
Belly Button Area: $499
Full Tummy (covers the area of two hands width): $899
​Stretch Marks start at: $299


*In some cases a second treatment of Plasma Skin Tightening may be required, depending on amount of skin to be removed and desired results. Additional treatments must be spaced at least 8 weeks apart, and are offered at a 50% touch up discount.

*Many times a client desires several areas to be treated at once. If the treatment area is small enough (we want to ensure optimal healing and the absolute least trauma to the client as possible) we will offer discounts and/or small additional treatment areas free of charge. Please feel free to dm for a complimentary consultation (in person or in some cases via messenger).


Special Packages:

Take $75.00 off full set of lashes when booked with initial microblading service. *at this time we are too busy to accommodate full time lash clients. We can happily apply a full set and refer you to an AMAZING local tech that can upkeep tri-weekly fills.

Lash Lift and Tint only $60 when added to microblading service.

Existing lash clients (3+ previous fills/full sets) receive $100 off initial microblading or machine brow service

20% off two Plasma Skin Tightening Treatments *additional discounts may apply. Please contact for more info.

Lash extension re-application after eye lift: 50% off (minimum 3 weeks post procedure)

*Appointments must be booked for the same day, no substitutions